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General Information

 If we have to contact you regarding late payment of monthly rent, you will incur a fee of £30 (we strongly advise, if there are any problems with rent payment we are informed as we may be able to offer advice as per lease agreement).


Please report any maintenance issues by e-mail to or by telephoning 01224 647878.

When Tenancy is Terminated

Termination notice must be in accordance with your Lease Agreement, we can accept termination notice by e-mail on, all tenants in the property must be in agreement with terminating the tenancy. 


  • Provide Homeguard Leasing with your up to date contact details including your forwarding address and current utility supplier.

  • The Inventory will be rechecked on the first working day after termination date.

  • Keys to be returned to Homeguard Leasing’s office at 115 Rosemount Place, Aberdeen on termination date (including any garage keys, parking fobs or permits)


    If the keys are returned outwith office hours, we have a large letter box and ask that keys are returned in an envelope with only the tenants name on the envelope for security reasons.


To-Do Check
Kitchen worktops and splashbacks to be wiped
Kitchen units to be emptied and cleaned
Fridge/freezer to be defrosted and cleaned – all food to be removed
Washing machine and tumble drier to be cleaned including drawers and filters
Oven, hob, cooker hood/extractor, dishwasher, microwave oven to be cleaned internally and externally
Dishes / glasses /cutlery, kitchen utensils / pans to be cleaned
Light fittings / switches to be wiped
Woodwork to be dusted / washed down
All surfaces to be dusted / washed down
Bath / shower cubicle / wash hand basin, wc, seat / lid / cistern to be washed down
Carpets to be vacuumed
Carpets to be shampooed (if necessary)
Vinyl / laminate floors to be cleaned
Light bulbs not working to be replaced
Beds / mattresses / mattress protectors will be examined for staining and damage not recorded on inventory
Linen / bedding to be laundered
All refuse and rubbish to be removed from the property
Garden to be in same condition as per inventory


To-Do Check
Inform Homeguard Leasing of who supplies gas and electric
Inform Homeguard Leasing of forwarding address
Cancel any satellite television provider
Cancel / transfer television licence
Arrange mail redirection with post office at least 7 working days prior to termination date
All keys to be returned to Homeguard Leasing